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Supernatural Saturday January 11, 2020 - Be Still
One secret to hearing God's voice is learning how to be still.
Qanon December 30, 2019 - The Silent War Continues
Ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator there has been a silent war to remove him from office.
Qanon December 28, 2019 - Pelosi's Gambit
Having voted to impeach Donald Trump in the House of Representatives, why is Nancy Pelosi withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate?
Supernatural Saturday December 2019 - We All Hear God
In this episode of Supernatural Saturday, I discuss the ways in which God speaks to everyone, whether they know it or not.
Qanon December 21, 2019 - Know Your History
The events we are witnessing will be written about in history books.
Qanon December 18, 2019 - Watch What Happens Next
Q gives us a hint at the first Spygate criminal who will be indicted.
Qanon December 16, 2019 B2 Bomber Revealed
Q explains how Attorney General Willam Barr has operated like a stealth bomber and we look at some compelling Q proofs.
Qanon December 9, 2019 - Think Timing
The mainstream media took one last swing at Q before the release of the Inspector General report on FISA abuse. The report gave us some interesting Q proofs.
Qanon December 4, 2019 - Tripcode Confirmed
Q updated his tripcode and warned the deep state that justice is coming.
Qanon November 27 2019 - Tripcode Verification
Soon, Q will verify his identity and tripcode with photographic proofs.
Qanon November 24, 2019 - The Great Awakening
A time is coming when the public will become aware of the depth of corruption in society—a time known as The Great Awakening.
The Senate Was the Target - November 23, 2019
Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is perceived to be an ineffective politician. Is he actually one of President Trump's stealth bombers?
Qanon November 22, 2019 - It's time
As the impeachment effort against President Trump seems likely to move to the Senate, is it time for the truth to be revealed?
Qanon November 20, 2019 - Information Warfare
Information warfare is used to control public opinion and retain power. The deep state has pulled out all the stops in an effort to maintain control.
Qanon November 16, 2019 - The Harvest
Qanon sent a coded message to James Comey to inform him that his arrest is coming.
Qanon November 15, 2019 - Follow the Family
In this Qanon update, I speculate that elites know that the future they desire will never come to pass.
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Qanon November 12, 2019 - Dangerous Freedom
Q returned with a flurry of posts, including a prediction that indictments are coming by the end of the year.
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What You Avoid Limits Your Growth - Supernatural Mentoring
Avoiding uncomfortable situations limits our growth because growth comes from the changes we experience while overcoming difficulties.
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Qanon November 3, 2019 - Rig for Red
As Q returns, confirming his identity is one of our main concerns. One of his concerns is maintaining operational security.
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Qanon November 2nd, 2019
There is activity on the new 8kun website that looks suspiciously like our old friend, Qanon.
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FISA Report, Declass, 8kun update October 15 2019
The latest on the DOJ IG report, the declassification of Spygate documents and the return of 8chan.
Supernatural Saturday Oct 12, 2019 - Hearing Gods Voice: Myths and Misconceptions
In this episode of Supernatural Saturday, I discuss common myths and misconceptions about hearing God's voice.
Update on Congressional Impeachment Inquiry
I explain the process Congress uses for impeachment and why I am not concerned about today's announcement by Nancy Pelosi.
Supernatural Saturday - Is God Still Speaking?
In this episode of Supernatural Saturday, I answer the question: Is God still speaking?
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Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Will be Indicted
Attorneys for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew Mccabe have confirmed that the Department of Justice has rejected their last-ditch attempt to avoid prosecution for their client. U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu is expected to bring charges against McCabe but it is unknown at this time what the charges will be.
Supernatural Saturday August 10 2019 - Hearing God's Voice
As we begin a new topic of study for Supernatural Saturday, I share my testimony of the first time I heard God's voice.
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Qanon & Jeffrey Epstein Update - Aug 10, 2019
My thoughts on the death of Jeffrey Epstein and the return of Qanon to 8chan.
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Qanon August 1 2019 - August is a Hot Month
James Comey is not going to escape prosecution. Declassification of spygate documents in August will reveal the truth to the public.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3548-3566 on
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Qanon July 31 2019 - RED_ RED
Q suggests that the questionable practices of the Red Cross are about to be put under the magnifying glass.
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This broadcast covers post #3548-3566 on
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Qanon July 30 2019 - The Harvest is Ripe
Q puts a laser pointer on former President Obama's book deal and suggests the Awan brothers scandal may be returning to the headlines.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3523-3547 on
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Q on the Dilley Show
I join my friend Brenden Dilley for a discussion the deep state and Qanon
Brenden Dilley on Twitter (@realhublife):
Qanon July 27 2019 - Declass is Here
Q provides a link the first document to be declassified by Attorney General William Barr and we get more information on Jeffrey Epstein
Twitter thread "Declass is Here:"
Twitter thread "Coming to a Theater Near You:"
This broadcast covers post #3478-3522 on
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Qanon July 24 2019 - Flags Out
Q explains the criminal charges Robert Mueller will face and how he was used in an attempt to maintain control of the FBI.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3466-3477 on
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Qanon July 22 2019 - Traitors One and All
I explain a few aspects of the pending Q watch proof and cover the latest posts about deep state traitors.
Watch thread:
Traitors thread:
This broadcast covers post #3458-3465 on
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Qanon July 19 2019 - Q Baby
Q gives us information about Jeffrey Epstein, and at a rally, the President pointed out a baby wearing a Q.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3438-3457 on
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Qanon July 17 2019 - Think For Yourself
Amid accusations that President Trump is a racist, Qanon encourages us to think for ourselves.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3436-3437 on
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Qanon July 15, 2019 - The Hunters Become the Hunted
The tide has turned. Those who once hunted the weak and vulnerable have now become the hunted.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3427-3435 on
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Geffen blind Item Reddit thread:
Qanon July 13 2019 - Learn Our Comms [Wheels Up]
A tutorial on reading Q's posts and a discussion of people who may be involved in sex trafficking.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3415-3426 on
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Qanon July 11 - Welcome to the Real World
Q exposes the false narratives of the mainstream media that are designed to keep us in bondage.
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3405-3414 on
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Qanon July 10 2019 - What Happens When...?
Q has had a lot to say following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein
Twitter thread:
This broadcast covers post #3353-3404 on
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Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Update July 8, 2019
The latest on the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein including the possibility that a superseding indictment will be made, adding to the current charges.
Qanon June 27, 2019 - Future Comms: On Ready
Q warned us today to be ready. I believe it's a warning about the coming declassification of Spygate documents and a warning about increasing censorship.
This broadcast covers posts #3350 - 3352 on
Twitter thread:
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President Trump's Comments on Iran - Reading the Signals
I analyze the current situation in Iran based on the President's ambiguous statements, what he's done before in similar situations and what we know from Q.
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Concern Over Deep Fake Videos - What Does It Tell You?
Does concern about deep fake videos from the elites and the media signal their concern about coming prosecution?
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Spiritual Warfare 101
Some tips on conducting successful spiritual warfare.
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You Are God's Favorite Kid
You are loved by God and he has an incredible plan for your life.
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Red Pilling the Red Pillers
Knowing the truth about corruption is important. But just as important, is knowing the truth about God.
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Supernatural Saturday June 8, 2019 - The Future of Healing
In this episode of Supernatural Saturday, I discuss the future of divine healing.
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Divine Healing Made Simple:
Healing PTSD, Digital Soldiers and a Dream about John Huber
Many kinds of emotional illness can be healed by Jesus. In this broadcast, I share a testimony of healing PTSD and describe the process I use. I discuss what it means to be a digital soldier and I share last night's dream about US Attorney John Huber.
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