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3/18/19 Nunes sues Twitter/ Others over Censoring
Devin Nunes has filed a 250 million dollar lawsuit against Twitter, and other accounts, for shadow Banning his account specifically to detract from the 2018 elections, unfortunately this is a widespread practice and a lot of us are suffering from this, also today was brought to my attention that one of the proofs that was put into the Q book ...
St Patrick's Day Drops 3/17/19
we have some wonderful world Patriot news from St Patrick's Day March 17th 2019 I hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday lots of corned beef and cabbage hopefully not too much green beer. Looks like our friend is having a little battle with Jack Dorsey from Twitter, and it just so happens that John Skippy podesta happened to ...
3/15/19 President Trump Calls National Emergency 3:42pm
At 3:42pm today 3/15 President Trump called a National Emergency over the border and was succinctly backed up by William Barr, this was foretold by our favorite anon, also today one call sign from and Army plane wad changed to [Q], also and Air Force had its callsign changed to Anon. You really cant make this stuff up.
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3/14/19 "People will see a Day of Reckoning"
we have been showing many times the connections that thread through Facebook CIA FBI, all in an attempt to gather all of our personal information, well through recent testimony we have recently discovered that Nellie Ohr is confirmed to have worked with the CIA, many difficult truths will be learned soon
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QANON 3/13/19 DOJ [LL] told FBI [JC]Not to prosecute HRC
Perr Lisa pages testimony, the DOJ told the FBI that they are the prosecutors and they will not be prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her email, obviously this was a result of the time when Attorney General Lynch met with former president Bill Clinton when they jusy happened to bump into each other at an airport in Arizona ūüėČ also we ...
Qanon 3/12/19 Difficult Truths coming to Light
Here we have some information from Lisa Page is transcript for her testimony where she explicitly says that President Obama wanted to be kept abreast of every detail of the Spy operation against President Trump, then Kennedy Trump and his campaign team, the things that we will find out how government were doing will shake us to our core but ...
Qanon 3/11/19 All Roads lead to Rome
Q reiterates the fact, in my opinion toward Snowden, that they took out Barlow and Snowden is expendable. We are given moren
intricate details about Crossfire hurricane and its Rome connection where they went after. Popadoplous, who was just one of many people in President Trumps campaign who were targeted, and even after that, 2 years millions of documents hundreds ...
Qanon 3/10/19 Snowden- "Banking on Brennan to bring you home?"
apparently Q team is now talking to Snowden again, Q was asking Edward Snowden what does he have left that he can sell Russia to retain his Safety and Security? By the Format of the sentence I'm guessing Snowden does not have anything left , and also cute asks are you banking on Brennan to bring you home? Again this ...
Sealed to unsealed- it's happening W/ RdocR, Hulkanator, Redpill78, SS76
Join the table of Titans podcast live tonight at 9:30 p.m. where we will be talking about all of the crazy drops Q has enlightened us with in the last week, lot of news to talk about, great panel, hope you can join us, as orators we will have RdocR, Hulkanator, Redpill78, SS76, see y'all there ‚úĆūüáļūüáł ūüí™ ūüĎä
Qanon 3/9/19 Its Happening stay vigilant
Have we finally gotten to the point that we've all been waiting for? Is it time we're going to see some results? President Trump tweets treason? And Q replies it's about to happen, sealed over to unsealed soon? Some pretty imminent action type posts, cant wait.
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Jussie Smolette 16 Felony counts-Schiff w/Cohen 14hrs
Jussie Smollett of Empire Fame has been charged with 16 felony counts for making up a hate crime, actually it was a triple fake crime, one for racism, one for sexual orientation, and one for political affiliation, this cannot stand and I'm so glad to see this guy get what he deserves for trying to separate our country. Adam Schiff ...
Qanon 3/7/19 HUGE!!! Graham Requests a FISA info from AG BARR
We are shown an article about Denver International Airport, and the weird symbology around it, also Lindsey Graham has requested from Bill Barr all of the unredacted fisa reports and anything having to do with Crossfire hurricane, and then what led into the Mueller report oh, he is looking for all foundational documentation to prove that their investigation into President ...
3/6/19 Qanon Facebook developing Privacy based platform
Facebook has recently announced that they will be working on a new privacy base platform,this news comes after a bunch of outcry from Facebook customers, who claimed that their privacy has been infringed upon by Facebook's algorithms, also contained in here is the early origins of both Facebook and Google, and how they came together.
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3/5/19 Qanon- Ocasio Cortez- "Possible Campaign Violations" "Possible Jail time"
Allegations made by former Fec Chairman, states Alexandra Ocasio Cortez may have Violated multiple Campaign Violations, it's alleged that her and her chief of staff may have been running her PAC, the article cites another FEC former boss who says Cortez could face jail time.
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3/4/19 [Q] Did Obama order Spy op on Trump? (Yes)
good at the time President Obama authorized the spying on then-candidate Trump, and apparently now Loretta Lynch has amnesia in regards to signing any fisa applications, but that would make sense seeing as Sally Yates her deputy attorney general had signed the fisa in her place oh, but I find it funny that she doesn't remember anything about it, we ...
Huge Drops 3/3/19 [Q]
play we are shown in many different drops that they are definitely bringing in the UK / Australia angle as far as who was surveilling president Trump, later we have shown that there was absolutely no proof to do so, and even after a year over 200 people who testified and over a million documents they have absolute zero proof ...
Qanon 3/2/2019 Clock is ticking
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Qanon 3/1/19 "Time to look at the Democrat side" [-18]
President Trump Tweets out that Republicans have been attacked enough, now it's time to take a look at the Democrat side where the real crimes occurred, Also we are given a updated timeline, where we are now, -18 days from BIG BIG BIG Happening, I look very much forward to see how it goes down, also many Execs at MGM ...
Cohen Testimony Circus- More RR/AM insight 25th amendment
here we show the many ridiculous things that were said during the testimony of Michael Cohen, also some very rude comments by Rashida tlaib torrid Mark Meadows, James Woods tweets on our favorite letter, more testimony give us a better idea of what was going on behind the scenes between Andrew McCabe and rod rosenstein regarding the 25th amendment
Table of Titans podcast- Fear and loathing in DC
excited to share with you our weekly table of Titans podcast, this week was Hulk inator, RDocr, tnfm, and myself, we literally discussed everything under the sun as it relates to government and Washington, and some geopolitical news as well, please join us next time live.
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Qanon 2/26/19 "Big Big Happenings next 21 days"
Spike Lee attacks his old friend for being racist, comical, we are shown key points in Uranium one, what else will POTUS45 learn in Hanoi, I hear it's educational, also a nice heads up that in the next 21 days there will be "big big big happenings" I'm looking forward as usual.
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Qanon 2/25 Whos Next after Weinstein? Big Name Coming!
once again we were given for knowledge of this Cardinal Pell situ Nextation, where he was found guilty of assaults of the sexual nature in Australia, he was found guilty in early December of 2018, Q had made a post on December 12th 2018 telling us to take note of cardinal Pell, as well as giving us some links to ...
Qanon 2/24/19 Gowdy- "TRIBUNALS"
In today's drops we are showing how person went to mix it up with isis and apparently became brainwashed, now Q+ who is President Trump said that they do not want her to be let back in the country and that Secretary of State pompeo agrees, Maria bartiromo had Trey gowdy on this morning and he said that if the ...
Qanon 2/22/19 censorship
well the big scare of the day is censorship, we were told a few days ago that they were going to start censoring conservative channels or pages, and i c a n n has come out and said that they are showing significant risks to the internet, we were told it would be a guys to cover up their censorship ...
Qanon 2/21/19 "U can't Run CA you think U can run the Country?
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2Q18 in review
Hey guys this video is a bunch of images and graphics I've used mainly from the 2018 season of drops all having to do with our favorite friend and his writings some memes, some drops along with some music, I hope you enjoy it
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Jussie Smollett Charged with felony for faking attack
investigators in Chicago have stated that they are pressing criminal charges against actor jussie Smollett for allegedly setting up a hate crime, and with that filing a false police report which is a class 4 felony, this is a very serious situation as there were many police officers, detectives working on this case that could have had their resources is ...
Barr's office - "Mueller Probe ending early as next week"
The attorney general's office for William Barr states that the Mueller probe of Donald Trump and the Russian collusion could be coming to completion as early as next week, also in the news on Twitter through various checkmark verified Twitter handles, there's a lot of talk about director of National intelligence Dan coats possibly being on the outs, only time ...
2/19/19 We are all EQual under the law- Qanon
Here we are shown how certain people get away with whatever, while other people basically can do what they want without repercusssion, our legal system should be fair and straightforward for anybody no matter what their political leanings maybe or political affiliations
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Qanon 2/18/19 " A Traitors Justice"
Once again we still have the government staying open and apparently making great progress on the southern border wall, has the opposite side starts to show their true colors that show their one-sidedness, they simply do not want to have President Trump getting any type of victory one way or the other.
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2/17/19 [Q] Government stays open border deal
More great news and how they made a deal to fund the govt and keep it open while finding money for projects, infrastructure. plus other very exciting news.
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2/16/19 [Q] Government stays open for business
in this video we are shown how the government will stay open and how there were certain stipulations put within the budget that were attempting to curtail what the president wanted to do as far as building a border wall, as we will learn a little bit tonight and More in tomorrow's post that that is not the case President ...
2/15/19 [Q] Trump signs Border deal- keeps govt open
President Trump in the Democrats came to an agreement yesterday to keep the government open and make a deal on the border region, there's been a lot of false reporting on what the deal includes, this is tackled in this video as well, also we are being told to be careful what we report, and that people will try to ...
Table of Titans Weekly Podcast w/Redpill78
I present to you the table of Titans podcast which is done through patriot-news discord, where we meet every week usually on Thursday night to discuss the week in review, lot of news going on in the last 48 hours so a lot to talk about in this podcast, I feel like it was a great talk, hope you guys ...
Qanon 2/14/19 BC/HRC Gone Soon?? WOW!!!
in this video we talked about amazing discoveries that have been made in the past few weeks which are going to bolster our economy and our machine going forward which is a prosperous United States of America, one where y'all live harmoniously together
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More great first Quarter news
During our latest financial update we are given very positive results as far as financial disclosure going forward, there are a few ideas within this video of how we can deal with the current situation at hand do we simply make it look like we're handling things or do we actually follow through and sure up our country and economy.
Great things on the horizon
in this video we talked about President Trump visiting El Paso and the border region holding a rally at the same time as Beto O'Rourke, it was a duel of Rally's so to speak, also we are shown a couple of people who are pretty slick inside of the rally who managed to get on a post today, cudos to ...
Prosecution and Transparency only way forward
the only way for our country to work is to have transparency where we know what our government is doing, you're the nice quote and hair from Ronald Reagan which shows the government as an automobile and its citizens as steering the vehicle telling the vehicle where I can go what it can do, not the other way around
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DOJ looking into "Sweetheart Deal"
So a recent article in the epoch times shows that the doj will be reopening, or rather looking into the sweetheart deal that was given by now Secretary of labor had Alex Acosta to Epstein, who happens to be great friends with many celebrities, royals, and former Us govt employees, even former president Bill Clinton. they will be looking into ...
[Q] Countdown has begun [-30]
we are being shown, that house Democrats are trying to bring more allegations against President Trump having to do with Russia collusion oh, this to some maybe a blocky type effect, trying to slow down the progress of President Trump, however with his nomination to attorney general coming next Thursday, there seems to be a little bit of a shake-up ...
Batters Box [Future proves past]
In a wonderful story by the hill we are told by John Solomon that Trisha Anderson was questions late last year oh, this also coincides with our favorite friends telling us back on October night 2018 that Tricia Anderson was in the batter's box, or in other words basically at the time speaking or being investigated, fast forward until February ...
Patriot News Hosts State of the Union After Party
Please join us tonight live after the State of the Union address, patriot-news discord will be hosting my livestream, we will have RdocR, Hulkanator, Redpill78, Katie G, TNFM, FeistyCat, Sainted Anon, and myself, where we will be discussing the State of the Union address and what it means, and what implications it may have going forward, hope to see you ...
Divinely Elected? (Kim Clement 2007 prophesy)
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Guess Who's back (2/1/19 posts only)
it's been a while since we've seen on favor friend come back, and seeing as I did at live stream on Friday night which was very long, too long for most people to watch, so I figured I would put a supplemental video out to make sure I covered the writings for that day, didn't want anyone to miss those. ...
Spaceshot Live w/ Rdocr, Hulkanator, Redpill78 Katie G TNFM- Guess WHQs Back?
had a few technical difficulties in the beginning, but if you start this video at 12 minutes you won't have to hear the intro over twice, joining me live was Redpill78, Katie G, Hulkanator, and RdocR from Patriot news, we touched on a bunch of different topics, and I had a very good time doing it, glad I can finally ...
Friday night LiveStream- Guess WhQ's Back???
setting the stage so to speak for a live stream tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern, or I will have hulkanator, Rdocr, redpill78 and possibly TNFM, 11 p.m. Eastern tonight Friday February 1st 2019, hope to see you all there ‚úĆÔłŹūüáļūüáłūüí™ūüĎä
Two ways to look at things (Myth/Real)
here in this video I highlight an article and a Twitter thread by Brian Cates of epoch times, he can be found on Twitter @drawandstrike
T shirts can be found here:
(Both links have different designs)
Guys come join the Patriot News Family on discord. Great group of World Patriots. I had no idea how to ...
Its all Coming to an End
Devin Nunes sits down with Maria bartiromo and gives another very enlightening interview. we are told buy Nunez that Ohr, who is a career FBI official was quote running around like a spy karma we now know that the fisa court was defrauded oh, and we also know that the investigation into President Trump had used salacious and unverified documents, ...
Table of Titans Podcast w/ TNFM & Redpill78
Table of Titans weekly podcast which is filmed live on patriot-news discord, with special guests TNFM and RedPill78. Weekly talk based around the state of the union and the shutdown, also where our investigation into the Clinton Foundation may be. Who is good, who is Bad?
State of the Union announced for Tuesday Feb 5th, should be an interesting speech, ...
Sticks & Stones - Insects & Raid
Rodger Stones house was raided yesterday at 6 in the morning, and interesting person who was at the scene by CNN was former Jim Comey assistant Josh Campbell of the FBI, so obviously somebody leaked, we also look into whether or not Roger stone is a good actor or a bad actor, is it for Discovery and did he help ...

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