Table of Titans Weekly Podcast w/Redpill78
I present to you the table of Titans podcast which is done through patriot-news discord, where we meet every week usually on Thursday night to discuss the week in review, lot of news going on in the last 48 hours so a lot to talk about in this podcast, I feel like it was a great talk, hope you guys ...
Qanon 2/14/19 BC/HRC Gone Soon?? WOW!!!
in this video we talked about amazing discoveries that have been made in the past few weeks which are going to bolster our economy and our machine going forward which is a prosperous United States of America, one where y'all live harmoniously together
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More great first Quarter news
During our latest financial update we are given very positive results as far as financial disclosure going forward, there are a few ideas within this video of how we can deal with the current situation at hand do we simply make it look like we're handling things or do we actually follow through and sure up our country and economy.
Great things on the horizon
in this video we talked about President Trump visiting El Paso and the border region holding a rally at the same time as Beto O'Rourke, it was a duel of Rally's so to speak, also we are shown a couple of people who are pretty slick inside of the rally who managed to get on a post today, cudos to ...
Prosecution and Transparency only way forward
the only way for our country to work is to have transparency where we know what our government is doing, you're the nice quote and hair from Ronald Reagan which shows the government as an automobile and its citizens as steering the vehicle telling the vehicle where I can go what it can do, not the other way around
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DOJ looking into "Sweetheart Deal"
So a recent article in the epoch times shows that the doj will be reopening, or rather looking into the sweetheart deal that was given by now Secretary of labor had Alex Acosta to Epstein, who happens to be great friends with many celebrities, royals, and former Us govt employees, even former president Bill Clinton. they will be looking into ...
Countdown has begun [-30]
we are being shown, that house Democrats are trying to bring more allegations against President Trump having to do with Russia collusion oh, this to some maybe a blocky type effect, trying to slow down the progress of President Trump, however with his nomination to attorney general coming next Thursday, there seems to be a little bit of a shake-up ...
Batters Box [Future proves past]
In a wonderful story by the hill we are told by John Solomon that Trisha Anderson was questions late last year oh, this also coincides with our favorite friends telling us back on October night 2018 that Tricia Anderson was in the batter's box, or in other words basically at the time speaking or being investigated, fast forward until February ...
Patriot News Hosts State of the Union After Party
Please join us tonight live after the State of the Union address, patriot-news discord will be hosting my livestream, we will have RdocR, Hulkanator, Redpill78, Katie G, TNFM, FeistyCat, Sainted Anon, and myself, where we will be discussing the State of the Union address and what it means, and what implications it may have going forward, hope to see you ...
Divinely Elected? (Kim Clement 2007 prophesy)
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Guess Who's back (2/1/19 posts only)
it's been a while since we've seen on favor friend come back, and seeing as I did at live stream on Friday night which was very long, too long for most people to watch, so I figured I would put a supplemental video out to make sure I covered the writings for that day, didn't want anyone to miss those. ...
Spaceshot Live w/ Rdocr, Hulkanator, Redpill78 Katie G TNFM- Guess WHQs Back?
had a few technical difficulties in the beginning, but if you start this video at 12 minutes you won't have to hear the intro over twice, joining me live was Redpill78, Katie G, Hulkanator, and RdocR from Patriot news, we touched on a bunch of different topics, and I had a very good time doing it, glad I can finally ...
Friday night LiveStream- Guess WhQ's Back???
setting the stage so to speak for a live stream tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern, or I will have hulkanator, Rdocr, redpill78 and possibly TNFM, 11 p.m. Eastern tonight Friday February 1st 2019, hope to see you all there ✌️🇺🇸💪👊
Two ways to look at things (Myth/Real)
here in this video I highlight an article and a Twitter thread by Brian Cates of epoch times, he can be found on Twitter @drawandstrike
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Its all Coming to an End
Devin Nunes sits down with Maria bartiromo and gives another very enlightening interview. we are told buy Nunez that Ohr, who is a career FBI official was quote running around like a spy karma we now know that the fisa court was defrauded oh, and we also know that the investigation into President Trump had used salacious and unverified documents, ...
Table of Titans Podcast w/ TNFM & Redpill78
Table of Titans weekly podcast which is filmed live on patriot-news discord, with special guests TNFM and RedPill78. Weekly talk based around the state of the union and the shutdown, also where our investigation into the Clinton Foundation may be. Who is good, who is Bad?
State of the Union announced for Tuesday Feb 5th, should be an interesting speech, ...
Sticks & Stones - Insects & Raid
Rodger Stones house was raided yesterday at 6 in the morning, and interesting person who was at the scene by CNN was former Jim Comey assistant Josh Campbell of the FBI, so obviously somebody leaked, we also look into whether or not Roger stone is a good actor or a bad actor, is it for Discovery and did he help ...
Stone Raided | Shutdown End | Super Lunar Eclipse footage
Rodger Stones house was rated at 6 this morning, conveniently CNN had a film crew there waiting to film the whole thingstop, the shutdown is now over until February 14th, will go into what the deal entails into a future video, also showing some super blood wolf Moon footage I took on the 21st of January, also use the small ...
Nunes/Perkins Coie BoomsNancy told "Jail time soon"
Devin Nunes confirms the fact that Bruce or told the FBI and doj ahead of time that the information he received from Glenn Simpson from fusion GPS was partisan, and sourced, and probably not true, however they still used it to present to the fisa court to get warrants to spy on President Trump's campaign, also Perkins coie, who has ...
RBG Obituary | Covington kids Truth
First thing in the morning Monday we have a quote mistake by Fox news where they inserted what looked to be an obituary memorialization for Ruth bader Ginsburg, showing her birth year and her death year being 2019, also we have Lindsey Graham now the chair of the Senate judiciary committee, looking into the Clinton and Obama administrations wrongdoings, finally ...
Table of Titans Podcast 1/19/19
Back from our Christmas hiatus, the table of Titans podcast is now back and in full effect, bringing you the latest updates in the last week or so on the border wall, attorney general William Barr, the special counsel Mueller investigation, The witch Hunt, Miss Nancy pelosi exorbitant travel expenses on the taxpayer dime, and a financial update towards the ...
Muellers office Defends Trump?
Special Counselor s office wrote a report refuting Buzzfeeds article which said that President Trump had ordered Michael Cohen to act illegally, this is out of character for the Special Counsels office to even report at all let alone seemingly on President Trump's side on this matter at least.
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Pelosi grounded | SES Out in [30]???
Donald Trump received the letter from Nancy pelosi the other day basically telling him they didn't have the funds for security for his State of the Union to be held in Congress, and boxing that's called the job, as usual president Trump reply back with a right hook, we're yesterday he wrote a letter to Nancy pelosi while she was ...
World Patriot News- 1/17/19
Just going over the recent news, President Trump's shutdown still looms today 26 today, more testimony came out Bruce or, also we had Lisa Page is testimony league last week where they people were trying to sway the story in their favor, the rubber is about to hit the road, and I so cannot wait for it to all unfold.
Lights On | Shutdown | Brennan perjury?
John Brennan under investigation for perjury? what great news, but once again we have been told this for many months, Devin Nunes should be commended for his service to our Country
RBGs Replacement | AJ being Sued | LP closed door transcripts
Update on RBG, already having people attacking RBGs "shoe in" nominee. The left only wants division. They don't want to compromise, unless it's compromising others for blackmail.
Trump temper over border? | Military Tribunal Notebook | RBG
Trump meets with the Democratic leadership and supposedly loses his temper and slammed the desk and left, thats if you trust Chucky Shumers version, a supposed Tribunal notebook has been found and is for sale by another channel, this is disgusting because info should be free, and the info is not even as advertised, total scam, judicial watch putting Hillary's ...
Qanon drops 1/7/19 [RBG] Missing?
Doing a live premier which means video starts at 1am eastern and who ever is here all watch for the 1st time together. Live chat will be on as well. I left 8 min at the end to chat as not to distract from the Drops. ✌
Qanon1/6/19 [RBG] AD"Prominent ppl in cuffs" Schiff CIA?
Wow Q says one of our favorite wild eyed politician [AS] may have been a CIA contractor, on top of that top legal expert Allen Dershowitz says "prominent people will be in handcuffs after these emails come out, more Maggie Haberman Twitter code talking attempt. Anons know
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Qanon (new) 1/5/18 EO Active
President Trump taking a trip to Camp David tomorrow with the senior WH officials to discuss border security and National Security. The negative slant toward him is so clear to anyone who bothers to look.
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Trump Twitter Storm
it seems Donald Trump cannot even formulate a basic tweet nowadays without having many misspelling ever errors, therefore making him have to delete them and retweet, what is going on at the president of the United States cannot even spell, LOL, 😉
President Trump surprise visit abroad
President Trump made a surprise visit to Iraq today, coincidentally that lined up on the clock from November 1st 2017, It lines up perfectly with 12/26 yes, where it says President Trump will be abroad and insulated during the time of the arrests, also a odd tweet by Megan McCann saying Merry Christmas to John mcstain and I quote "Wherever ...
GHWB Poppy Bush funeral Notes | Pence a Straight Arrow?
I couldn't get this nagging feeling to go away about the notes which some had received as GHWB funeral. What could have been written on them? Had to either be a picture or a quick note which could be read within a couple seconds, my best guess plus a nagging feeling. Only time will tell thanks for watching. ✌
Kevin Spaceys Let me be Frank ANALyzed
Wow Kevin Spacey comes out with a crazy video on the same day hes charged with Felony assault. Coincidence? I doubt it. Half playing Frank from House of Cards and half talking about his personal problems. Very odd indeed.
Q anon Censorship proof (Class action-able?)
Just taking 5 minutes to lay out the fact that YouTube is clearly censoring anything to do with q and on, even though I'm not breaking any of their laws, or their rules for Community guidelines, it's pretty obvious when you make a video titled something not related to Q Anon and it has no issues, the second that I ...
12/21/18 news drops
we are shown the cleat hypocrisy showing in the previous administration, the lame stream media once again making BS comments, first we did not need anyone in Syria now that we are leaving Syria they say its a big mistake, go figure. 😆
Qanon 12/20/18 Director Wray visits every FBI Branch
Well today we have General Mattis retiring, but that wasn't anything new to us at Donald Trump had told us he was going to be moving up these pieces, also director Ray and visited every single FBI branch of the United States and completed that task in the last week, coincidence? I don't think so!!
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Qanon 12/19/18 "When will the 1st alarm ring"
After a layoff of 7 or so days they are back to reasssure us things are proceeding as planned for a wonderful christmas, and happy new year, cant wait to unwrap these presents..
not everyone gets such a great holiday deal, lol. Msm is a danger to the climate in this country, plain and simple.
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Gen. Flynn Sentencing | Arlington Cemetary dig
here we go over General Mike Flynn sentencing hearing and the implications there in, was treason brought up? If so why, why did the judge then Backtrack on his statements regarding treason?
Katie G breakdown on PDB/Flynn
Citizens investigative report
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Guys ...
Q anon 12/12/18 Q and A
Tis the season for wonderful holiday wishes, I can't thank all of you enough, starting to put out videos seriously on January 1st this year, I've gotten so much support from all of you and I really appreciate it and I hope you guys have a great holiday and a happy New Year Merry Christmas
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Q anon 12/11/18 Build the Wall
YouTube, you can continue to flag my videos, I never got into this for the money, what I don't like is that you are suppressing commercials which in turn suppresses the amount of viewers, Google will fall under its own weight, you won't get away with what you've been doing which is heavily supporting the left and anything on the ...
Q anon 12/11/18 Projection
We have some more cue drops, and in this world we have John podesta in a rolling stone article talk to you about how he's the victim of pizzagate, the scumbag oh, yeah okay John you think you're hot s*** don't you? Q team and Military Intelligence have a plan to deal with scum like you and it involves you ...
Q anon 12/10/18 The World is Watching
a lot of things going on in the world right now A lot of people are not liking the way that their countries are being run, thank God we have a person running our country who knows what they're doing oh, thank you all for the wonderful support, peace
Weekly Podcast 12/6/18
Here Matthew from Truthnotfictionmatters Rdocr Hulkanator myself were joined by Feisty Cat, we have a great podcast, and alot of fun, thank you all for watching, ✌
Q anon 12/6/18. "Case study on the clinton foundation"
There will be a case study into the Clinton foundation and there is nothing they can do here is the link to the Abel danger video start at 33 minutes and listen for the next five minutes or so to hear the quote said in this video
Imperator rex article.
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Q anon 12/5/18
Sorry for the lack of description and tags on this video as I am trying a few different things with YouTube, thank you guys so much for watching and following and supporting, and giving me lots of helpful head hints and chat over this past year, I really couldn't have done it without you guys, ✌
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Qanon 12/4/18 Attention on Deck
We are shown how Gen. Flynn, a true american patriot, is safe from jail time, as a result of him "cooperating significantly to things outside Muellers Pervue" Per Law the special counselor must bring to the attention of the Attorney General any crimes hes presented with.
Once again. says "well played DS allow us to counter" oh i cant wait ...
Qanon 12/3/18 "Allow us to Counter"
Well it's been a bit of a mess the last few weeks hearing about Huber and how he's going to testify on December 5th the Deep State polls some Shenanigans perhaps keeping George Herbert Walker Bush on nights for a week or two, as you know they say don't ever let a good tragedy go to waste, but I can't ...

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