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Staff Writer Paul Farrell of weighs in on the viral sensation Out of Shadows. Farrell's opinion on the subject at one point calls Smith's viral hit a "movie" while clarifying it as a documentary in the same paragraph of his article. We are not sure what the confusion is, however for all intent and purposes we can categorically and emphatically classify this production as a independently funded documentary.

Farrell, a relative newcomer in the realm of influencer media was quick to point out a left-wing article from the Daily Kos and so called "Right-wing conservative outlet" The Vigilant Citizen in order to set the tone and narrative. We can clearly see Farrell is making sure he projects the illusion of middle ground by pointing out the opinions of opposing dichotomies. At the same time, Farrell reveals his skeptical nature and left leaning ideology with his style, cadence and syntax to convey his opinion.

None-the-less, while the masses are awake about the subject matter in the documentary Out of Shadows, we can say with warm fuzzies that we appreciate Farrell's message and spotlight concerning our friends Mike Smith, Brad Martin, Liz Crokin and Kevin Shipp. With nearly 22 million views from hundreds of re-uploaded versions and translations of the documentary world wide, we can unequivocally call it a "win-win" for freedom loving patriots around the world.

It goes without saying, opposing forces of truth and justice were stunned beyond bewilderment at the viral nature this documentary was disseminated. With virtually no marketing team and or multi-million dollar commercial advertisements, the liberal media remains shell shocked. Fake News Inc., just learned how powerful patriots united can be. One of the leading proponents who spearheaded the dissemination efforts was none-other than the Matrixxx/Grooove Show and their world wide family of Anons, bakers, diggers and enthusiasts. 

We are proud and love each and every one of you from around the world who has made this documentary a household name. We couldn't have done it without you. For those who have yet to see how this was accomplished, be sure to watch our videos and interviews with the creators and producers of Out of Shadows


Check out our pre-launch interview with Mike Smith & Liz Crokin on 4/9/2020.



OUT OF SHADOWS WATCH PARTY With Mike Smith, Liz Crokin and Brad Martin Streamed live on Apr 10, 2020



#OUTOFSHADOWS Gets Q'd! LIVE W/ Director Mike Smith Liz Crokin & Brad Martin Streamed live on Apr 12, 2020



Mike Smith/Brad Martin/Kevin Shipp/Joe Flynn #OutOfShadows Streamed live on Apr 14, 2020



OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL Documentary Apr 10, 2020



Additionally, we would like to thank @annvandersteel, @Chrismc44, our Social Media moderators and everyone else who made this possible. We are the news now. WWG1WGA!

Patriots around the world are asking for translations and we decided to drop them here for your convenience. Enjoy!



 Out of Shadows Documentary - English



Out of Shadows Dokumentarfilm - Deutsch



מחוץ לצללים | מייק סמית׳ - Hebrew



アウト・オブ・シャドウズ・ドキュメンタリー - 日本語 - Japanese



走出阴影纪录片 - Chinese



Out of shadows 한글자막 Part. 1 헐리웃 내부고발 QAnon - Korean



Dokument ze stínů - Czech



из тени документальный фильм - русский



documental fuera de las sombras - español



documentaire hors des ombres - Français



iš šešėlių dokumentinis filmas - Lietuva



film dokumentalny poza cieniem - polska



Documentário Out of Shadows - Brasil Português



OutOfShadows Documentario Sub ITALIA







Patriots from around the world volunteered to translate each version of Out of Shadows we currently have listed. Thank you so much and we love each and everyone one of you from every country who got involved and made this possible. We are a global family! WWG1WGA! We will be adding more languages as they become available. If you are multilingual and can offer subtitle services, contact @intheMatrixxx. God bless you all!


Many of us saw the Q post where Q talked about [P].  This is a video series about just who [P] is and why it is important for us to get rid of [P].Bloodlines of The Illuminati - Download PDFintheMatrixxx Twitter Thread Part 1 on Payseur - Download PDFintheMatrixxx Twitter Thread Part 2 on Payseur - Download PDFView the "Who is [P]" video series below (parts 1-4), as well as the John B. Wells interview with intheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove!