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Enter any name, if it is taken, try another. Our system uses real time anonymous login. What this means, any name you choose, is temporary and is only reserved to prevent duplication for 24-hours. However, if you do not use Live Chat for more than 24-hours, the name you previously chosen will become available to anyone afterwards. Think, first-come-first-served but with a one day reservation.

We realize friends and acquaintances may want specific handles and to some degree you will, as long as you remember to use the same device within a 24-hour period. If for any reason you can no longer use your chosen handle when logging in, don’t fret, create a new name or ad character(s) to the handle you want. Remember user names are only temporary and are not to be considered permanent.



The solution to all login problems is to try again or another name or add letters or numbers to the user name you want to use. If you see a warning that says “Bad Request”– try the name again (twice) or try another name or add additional characters after the user name you want. If you see a warning that says “User Name Occupied”– try another name or add additional characters after the handle you want.

This system recognizes one device at a time per user name. Example; if you load Live Chat on one device, create a user name on it and use a second device within 24-hours of initial login, your name will be unavailable because the system recognizes a new device as a new user. Live Chat does not guarantee your name will not be used by someone else, nor does it grant exclusive access to a specific handle at all times.



Live Chat contains a Live Stream Player to listen to the MG Show while chatting in real time. If for some reason your player does not load, refresh browser. This is direct player script from Red State Talk Radio’s network and is generally the best player and we encourage you to use this streaming app over other third-party radio networks– for best results.



Customize your handle and text color by clicking on the Customize Link. You can also change your user name by typing in a new handle where it says “Name:” then click save.



Send custom Emoticons into Live Chat by simply clicking the smiley face icon to load up a robust selection of Emoji’s.



Upload meme’s, images and animated gif files to share with others in the chatroom. Click the portrait icon and upload from your device or computer and then click send after uploading.



Send Private Messages to other users. Hover mouse over user name and or tap user name on mobile devices to call up the Send a message dialog and send Private Messages to friends.

Live Chat is not compatible with every browser and every device. Some functions may not be available based on browser security and device configuration settings. User experience may vary from one device to the next.  If you experience chat lag, sometimes a simple web page refresh is all that’s needed. Clearing temporary internet files within 24-hours of using Live Chat, will cause you to lose your user name reservation. Each time you clear temp files in general, expect creating a new user name when using our Live Chat. While we wish this site worked on every device in the world, we can only hope we did enough for the majority to come join the most red pilled audience in the universe…



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